Brand: Cold Bath Brewing Co is a vibrant brewery in the heart of Harrogate, with a Brew House and Club House. It already had an engaged local audience who were buying beers from the venue during lockdown through social media.

Objective: To take Cold Bath Brewing Co to e-commerce capability and work with the team on an overarching digital marketing strategy to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to the website and implement tactics to reach and convert new customers, as well as increase its repeat customer rate.

Testimonial: The team at Spotty Media talk ‘real talk’. They don’t give you vanity numbers that mean nothing, they give us real data and insight into that data, such as customer behavior so we can implement strategies that work. “From helping us reach e-commerce capability to working with us on organic and paid-for strategies, we have not only grown our local customer based but increased brand awareness – and achieved sales – at a national level. We also have a thorough understanding of our customer journey and the different touch points it takes to convert a sale.”



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